Rumor: Kenobi Miniseries Is Happening

The speculation surrounding an Obi Wan Kenobi project has been in the air for more than a few years now. Originally it was planned as a film, which was rumored to be in development last year, but was scrapped after Solo‘s disappointing box office return. Now it looks like Kenobi may be set for a miniseries.

Again, I’d hope that Ewan McGregor will be back for this “miniseries” that is said to be potentially 6 episodes made for the Disney Plus service. This report comes from Star Wars News Net which is a pretty reliable source, but it is something that Disney/Lucasfilm will keep silent about until Celebration this spring.

There have been some other rumors that are claiming other characters may get their own show as well including Lando, Qi’a, a young Leia, Knights of Ren, Captain Phasma, Rose Tico, and Darth Bane (wow). Although the reports have claimed that Disney is only “considering” most of these series at this point. Of the characters listed some I’d be interested in and some I wouldn’t be. Although if this Kenobi series happened I’ll be pumped since I’ve been talking about this since back in THE FORCE days. To the point where people are probably sick of me talking about it.

Would you be interested in a miniseries featuring Obi Wan Kenobi?