Chris Hemsworth To Play Hulk Hogan

Hulkmania is starting up again. Chris Hemsworth is known for playing Thor, being the best actor in his family and pretty much being box office poison for most stuff outside the MCU, but now it looks like he’s set to play Hulk Hogan in a new film.

A Hulk Hogan movie seems a bit interesting. I honestly don’t know a whole lot about the guys personal life. I don’t know if he went through any hardship to become a wrestler or not, but its sort of tough to get that excited about seeing what goes on behind the scenes of the WWE since  a lot of it is staged. I guess if they’re going to make WWE movies it makes sense that they’d start with Hulk Hogan since he is probably the most famous one ever.

Hemsworth appears to be in pretty good shape, but he’ll probably have to bulk up to play Hulk. The film will be directed by Todd Phillips, who is generally a comedy director. He’s worked on Old School and The Hangover, but he also has been working on the Joaquin Phoenix Joker lately.

Is Chris Hemsworth a good choice to play Hulk Hogan? Does the Hulkster deserve his own movie?