A big shout out to the special someones

Now that valentines is over I feel like I can express gratitude for the special someones in the world without sounding like a hallmark queer.  

Today I have been reading some fine articles regarding orchidopexy that’s where the doctors go looking for a nut with a knife. Well while I was perusing the YouTube treasure troves I came across this gem of a film…

Insert film

My hats off to Dan & Mindy!

Now like I stated previously I don’t usually go for the gentler side of things , but this TLC exclusive had me a bit dewy eyed. This couple here has got something that most folks won’t never know. You see while most folks are pushing their love to the limits with role playing and extreme hot plating. Some people have taken a different course. Some folks are in it for love, now I know what you are thinkin’ “what’s love got to do with it”? “What’s love but a second hand emotion”? And to you I say “stop hammer time”.  You see there’s something to be said for folks that find that special someone and hold on to what they’ve got , it doesn’t make a difference if they make it or not , cuz they’ve got each other and that’s a lot for love. 

So I guess I’m trying to say TGO is you gotta hug that special someone in your life and you gotta show em you are there to stay, cuz you never really know when the good lord will come a call’n and you want to have a told em you love em before you gotta go. Otherwise all they would remember is the whoren you did.