How Many Shark Attacks Have You Survived?

Sharks attacking humans are a very real thing. We all know from school that all it takes is a teaspoon of water for a shark to attack you and kill you. Then when the other sharks smell the blood they’ll all team up and rip you apart.

Whenever I go swimming I always try to remember to bring a harpoon with me so you can shoot the sharks that may try to eat you. A harpoon is 100% guaranteed to not kill a shark when they get shot with one, but you might hurt them enough that they may leave you alone.

Sharks didn’t even attack humans until Jaws started playing in the shark theaters in 1981. Sharks are like the Chinese and things that are popular in America aren’t popular in Shark World until a few years later. One shark named Craig said told everyone that they should start to attack humans so they did.

Since then 1.3 billion people have been killed by Sharks.

Also, 7UP is poisonous to sharks. So you should always have a can on hand when you’re near the water.

How many times have you been attacked by a shark?