Pneumaturia and fistulas go hand in hand.

Sitting in a saddle all day ain’t easy. It’s a hell of a lot better than sittin’ at a desk, but it sure ain’t easy. When you’re out here in the GreatOutdoors you pay close attention to your boots , your saddle, and maintaining an etched physique. Any perceived weakness like an uneven tan line or a wimpy mustache can lead to trouble with the other cow pokes. This is the way of the range. It’s been this way since our great grandadies cleared the Indians from these wide lands. They fought so’s that we might keep cattle from sea to shining sea. In their day if a man had so much as a tooth ache he’d be sold as a whore on Saturday by the range boss. That’s why I keep my secret from the boys. The first time my dick ripped a fart I knew it weren’t good. Dick farts are frowned upon out on the range. Sometime within that month what with all the dick gas I couldn’t hardly empty my piss pouch out at one time,  I’d have to piss damn near twenty times before lunch.

“The first time my dick ripped a fart I knew it weren’t good”.

-cowboy wisdom-

Well the next trip to town while all the boys were drinkin’ whiskey and bangin whores I slipped off to the doctors and he performed a free rectal exam. That’s how comes I know I have fistulas. I’m headed back next month try to figure out where it connects, how many tunnels there are, and whether I also have an abscess. 

If your dick farts when you pee you might have pneumaturia

So tell me all y’all Outdoors enthusiasts what do you do when you suffer from Fistulas related Pneumaturia?