Shocking New TV Content

I know my place in the world. Not yet old, but far removed from the young generation. I’m at an age where I’m seeing the social progress creep into everyday life. I use the phrase “back in my day” more often. So, it’s no big thing for me to feel like boundaries are being pushed by a liberal media, that’s hardly even a conspiracy theory. It’s fact. Everyday things get a bit looser. Swearing on local channels, nudity on basic cable. But sometimes I think they go too far. Take for example the other night. I sit down after work to watch some prime time family entertainment. Nothing more family friendly than cartoons. Let’s see what my options are

Classics like Tom & Jerry. Ben 10. The Loud House…but wait, what’s that showing on Cartoon Network East? Teen Tit?

Sounds a bit too racy for me. Do you think a show about Teen Tits is appropriate programming?