Shroom Doom: Concert Preview

Tonight I’m heading off to the Big City for a real treat. A stacked lineup of regional bands, all playing a style of music called psychedelic doom metal, to a varying degree.

This music combines the heavy riffs of Black Sabbath, the blues swagger of Led Zeppelin, and tops it off with Pink Floyd’s trippy atmospherics.

I’m a sucker for homegrown talent. And the headlining band, King Buffalo is from 45 minutes north of me and I’ve witnessed them grow from a local talent, to last year seeing them in Toronto open for Elder, and now their first headlining tour. Each time I’ve seen them they’re better than the last. I’m anticipating this to be a mind bender.

This show brings together bands and musicians from Buffalo, Rochester, and New York City.

The opening band is Stone Priest from Buffalo. They play stoner rock.

Stone Priest- Evil Winter

I’ve never seen these guys but they’ve been active for several years so I’m excited to finally catch their set.

Next up is Sons Of Ghidorah from New York City. They play sludge metal

Beautiful She Cried
From the video I watched my guess is this will be my first beer/smoke break. They seem ok. Not my favorite style but maybe they’ll pass my expectations. Or maybe I’ll be outside smoking a doobie.

Third band up is a Rochester band named Nine Layers Deep. They are heavy rock. With two guitarists and no bass player. They tune low enough you barely notice. Singer Alaysa has a powerful set of pipes and adds to the range they cover. Oh, and their drummer is amazing and looks like he drives a creepy van

Live @ Mohawk Place 3-18-18

Finally, after just the right amount of metal, Genesee Cream Ale, and THC it will be time for King Buffalo

They are touring on their new album called Longing To Be The Mountain. It’s a mix of melody, psychedelics, and heavy rock that has gained considerable attention in the underground rock world, showing up on many year end Top 10 lists.

Longing to be the mountain

This could end up being a special night. This is King Buffalo’s first big national tour and tonight is their “hometown” stop. I’m getting a ringing in my eardrums and a tiny chub in my pants just writing this.