Tard Week Kickoff Special

Welcome to the first ever 32nd Annual TGO Tard Week

And to kick things off, we will celebrate our first Tard.

This Tard is a true inspiration. He proved that despite lacking any real intelligence, a Tard can rise to be the most powerful person on the planet. The original Commander-In -Chief Tard,

George W. Bush

The 43rd President Of The United States, George Bush was born in Connecticut then moved to Texas with his family. His father George HW Bush was a politician, who would eventually become President. This lead little George down the path himself. Albeit with a bit of hesitation.

Little George was your average Tard growing up.

But his family name helped get him into a prestigious Ivy League school. While attending Yale, GW would join the sports team

No, GW wasn’t an athlete, he was a cheerleader. Total Tard move. But he did party with the athletes. They would feed him alcohol and cocaine then watch him do stupid things. GW was a real hit of the party.

Eventually, after arrests and graduation, GW joined the Texas Air National Guard where he got drunk and fucked around for two years before being transferred to the US Air Force. George was too much of a Tard to get his pilot license, he was honorably discharged.

This only left one career path left , politics. Using his family name and Tard Charm

GW became Governor of Texas, then got elected President Of The USA!

This feat alone would make George W Bush a Tard Of Legendary Proportion. But GW didn’t stop there. He used this grand platform to show the world Tardness like they had never seen before.

George would go on to bungle the handling of hurricane Katrina and cost unnecessary monetary and human loss. He lead the country into The Great Recession Of 2007. Nearly crippling the most powerful nation in the world singlehandedly. He was President during the September 11th terrorist attacks on New York City, then lied his ass off to invade Iraq to avenge a feud his father had. And started the failed War on Terror. He butt fucked everything in his path, the environment, the economy, and the dignity of a nation.

All along the way he left some truly Tard-tastic quotes

GW would leave office as one of the lowest rated Presidents ever. But his Tard rating was through the roof

Plus he paved the way for future Tards to become President. And for this the world salutes you.

What was your favorite GW Tardness?

Let’s all make this the best Tard Week ever