Movie Tard Profile: John C. Reilly

John C. Reilly was born in Chicago in 1965. He was a mischievous young Tard. At the age of 12 he and some friends robbed a train car of more than 500 boxes of Sugar Pops cereal.

But John wanted more from life than stealing cereal. So he went to college and got his acting degree. Things went slow at first for John. He found bit parts here and there. His biggest screen time was as Buck, the crew chief in Lord Tom Cruises epic movie Days of Thunder.

John would continue to play dramatic secondary characters until he finally had an epiphany. Stop acting, and just be yourself. Then the genius level Tard inside John C. Reilly came out.

First it was Boogie Nights. He played porn star Tard

Talladega Nights, he played the racing Tard

Pick of Destiny, as the Tard Sasquatch

Walk Hard, as the singing Tard

Finally, in Step Brothers. A documentary about him and his step brother Will Ferrell

These have been some of the finest Tard performances ever committed to film.

But John saved his best Tard work for the small screen

Here is another of my favorites

Brule’s Rules

What’s your favorite John C. Reilly Tardness?