Tard Week: Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking is one of the only people who was born a regular and then turned into a tard after a couple of years. Fortunately enough for him when he turned to tard he was able to acquire superhuman brain powers that made him smarter than any human being on this Earth.

If Stephen Hawking didn’t turn to tard no one would know anything about black holes, and that science is revolutionary for some reason. He was also lucky that he wasn’t in a wheelchair during the Second World War because the Nazi’s would have had him killed.

Hawking is probably most well known for his vocal performance from the Pink Floyd track Keep Talking from their album The Division Bell.

Here are 5 quick facts about Stephen Hawking

  1. The movie about him sucks.
  2. His wife left him after his body shut down. HA!
  3. He drank at least one can of Mountain Dew a day. All tards crave Mountain Dew
  4. All Stephen’s kids also have robot voices.
  5. Stephen’s transformation to a tard happened while he was having sex so he had a constant boner until he died.