Tard Week: John Wayne Bobbit

Here’s another tard week post featuring one of my personal favorite tards. John Wayne Bobbit, who was involved in one of the most infamous court cases in the 1990s when, in 1994 he got his penis/cock/dick/wiener/prick cut off by his wife Lorena.

I think we can all agree that if you get your penis cut off you’re automatically a tard. Apparently Bobbit was sleeping and woke up to his wife cutting his penis off. Then, for some reason she threw his severed penis out the window of her car. People eventually found it again and were able to reattach it, but I honestly doubt that it ever worked the right way after that.

I think Lorena Bobbit’s motivation had to do with abuse from her husband, but he was also never giving her satisfying sex. I would say that any man is risking getting his cock cut off if they aren’t allowing their partner to have an orgasm. That’s why I’ve simply decided to never have sex because I would never be able to satisfy a woman sexually.

Hats off to JWB, the ultimate tard.