I wish I was good at tarding.

Sometimes I wish I could be like all the other kids and tard good. I tard kinda weird, but I do tard. See when I was younger all the kids could tard like so good & my folks wouldn’t let me tard except on school holiday. So now as an adult my tards don’t smell right. They are tards though and my mom says she likes them and I’m her number one tard, but I know when I see the others tard that I’m not as good as them.

We will find the tards who did it. We will smoke them out in their holes; we will get them running; and we will bring them to Jesus.

– President-

That’s one of the great things about TheGreatOutdoorsMan everyone here is so nice and they totally treat me like a big fuckin tard sandwich with extra tarder sauce. Everyone here is so nice it makes me try even harder at living up to my tard potential. So basically potato’s and ass blasting to everyone here at TheGapeOutdoorSeman and I apologize in advance for my weak tard offering but here it is I found it on YouTube it’s name is Kevin and I think he’s totally a dreamy tard boat from the land of Chitardo.