Tard Week: MOMO

I’m surprised that we’ve had a couple of current tards in the news over the course of Tard Week. It makes coming up with topics each day easier. The Momo challenge has been a bit of a interesting development over the past few days. Momo is an interesting looking thing (she’s obviously a tard) who seems to have found her way onto a few Youtube videos on Youtube kids.

Momo, is pretty fucking creepy looking, especially if you’re just a little kid minding your own business watching videos that are supposed to be appropriate for you. Apparently these videos include Momo telling kids how to kill themselves. Momo has been edited into videos featuring Peppa Pig and other beloved kids characters.

According to Rolling Stone there is one rumor that a kid did successfully kill herself after watching a Momo video, but that could be heavily exaggerated as the source wasn’t very reliable. These videos also supposedly threaten to kill parents and loved ones if the kids don’t do what Momo says.

This is admitted pretty fucked up. The people who are doing this are probably going a little too far. If a kid did kill himself because of this there may be hell to pay for whoever is doing this.

Some police have been posting on social media warning parents to supervise their kids while using the computer.

One thing is for sure, Momo is a tard.