Tard Week: Adult Swim

I’m gonna be alone at home all night tonight, and since I still have about a gram of weed laying around I think I’ll spend the evening getting stoned and watching Adult Swim. Cartoon Network turns into a channel that 100% caters to potheads all night long. Adult Swim carries just the most ridiculous adult cartoons. Its definitely written by some of the most talented tards there is.

Like most things, Adult Swim isn’t as good in Canada as it is in the US, it doesn’t run all night here, just 3-4 hours. It doesn’t really matter anyway because when I get stoned I’m high as fuck for 2 hours and then dead tired. So I got to bed and have the best sleep of my life.

If you’re familiar with Adult Swim cartoons you know what to expect with them. I don’t really find them funny when I’m not stoned because they are almost two ridiculous to be funny.

Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Mike Tyson Mysteries, Robot Chicken and Hot Streets are generally the Adult Swims that I like to fuck with.

Do you watch Adult Swim? Do you think its the best TV for Tards?

Here are some clips of the Adult Swim lineup at its most tardy.

How are you keeping it tard this weekend?