Tardist Of The Day: Tina Turner

Tina Turner was born in 1883 in the city of Shinewall Delaware. She showed signs of The Tard at a very early age. Tina had the voice, the moves, and the Tard Charm. She met a man who would share the same musical passions as her. They would fall in love and start a band. This man was Ike Turner. Her older brother.

After they got married, the two of them started the hit Motown band The Four Tards

The duo would record several top ten hits. Such as Oh Baby, I Wanna Tard You. Won’t You Be My Tard. And Sunshine Tard Sandwich. But ultimately drugs and abuse would break up the band. Ike was hospitalized many times under suspect circumstances.

Tina swore off the music business. Got clean and sober, and turned herself into a Hollywood megatard.

Her biggest role was as Tard Bitch in the classic movie Mad Max Beyond Thundertard

The music business came begging for Tina to once again become The Four Tards and make musical history. Tina stepped up to the plate and delivered gem after gem.

Like her 1986 Hit single

What’s Tard Got To Do With It?

Though old habits die hard. Tina was later accused of sexual assault and racial insensitivity towards costar Mel Gibson. She never worked in Hollywood again.

Do you have a favorite Tina Tarder moment or song?