Tard Athlete: Ron Artest

To commemorate Tard Week, let us remember Ron Artest. Ron isn’t dead or anything, but that fomer NBA All-Tard now goes by name of Meta World Peace. Name changes happen in sports. For instance, Cassius Clay changed his name to Mohammed Ali. But ‘Meta World Peace’ just sounds like someone changed their name after jerking off in the Mooby’s bathroom and then some guy walked in and went all sex nuts and retard strong and tried to jam is cock into his mouth!

Back when he went by Ron Artest and was playing with the Chicago Bulls Tard Artest applied for a job at Circuit City just because he wanted the employee discount.

And of course there was Tard Artest’s ultimate tard moment when he got into a fight that was so tard that it stopped a NBA game before it could finish. Just kidding. That fight was kinda bad ass.