should Pedofile clowns be able to get married?

imagesClowns especially the Pedo ones are people too just like the church once they remove their makeup unstrap the children from their crotches theyre just average guys I mean think of their roles in society if little Timmys parents didnt invite a clown to his birthday party there would of been no one there to touch his classmates and without that traumatizing experience those young girls would grow up fairly undamaged and get good jobs and become productive citizens but thanks to these clowns they become strippers and where do you think the world would be without strippers and strip clubs society would collapse I say let the clowns be free to marry or fvck who ever and whatever they want  my own uncle was a Pedo Clown and I dont hold it against him hes been with my  in my darkest times and weve shared wonderful clean memories together sure Id never let him babysit my own kids but for the sake of society id recommend him to my friends