25 Years Ago: John Candy Dies

John Candy is one of the few talents in the world of film that is almost universally praised. Everyone loves him. I would consider him especially beloved here in Canada since every one in Canada is generally pretty respectful of anyone who is able to make it in America.

Candy passed away 25 years ago today on March 4, 1994. There is no confirmation on what it was that killed him, but its believed to be a heart attack. Which was likely caused by smoking and his large size. He was only 43.

Candy first gained recognition in Canada on the sketch comedy show SCTV which launched the careers of several stars including Rick Moranis, Eugene Levy, Harold Ramis and Catherine O’Hara. He had several memorable roles over the 1980s with Stripes, Splash, Brewster’s Millions, Spaceballs and he worked on several projects with legendary¬†1980s filmmaker John Hughes which included Planes, Trains and Automobiles, The Great Outdoors, Uncle Buck and Home Alone.

In the 90s he had success with Cool Runnings and Candy had a reputation for being just as loveable off the screen as he was on it. He died while a film called Wagons East! was in production and film was released after his death. His death halted several other projects. I still feel a little sad even today when I watch one of his movies. RIP to the legendary John Candy. I’m sure he would’ve had many great projects in store in the years that followed.

What is your favorite John Candy movie?