Cocktail is Awesome

I just discovered a new guilty pleasure over the weekend. Tom Cruise’s 1988 movie Cocktail. Since Tom is a part of our crew here at TGO I felt obligated to talk about it because I appreciated it so much. Hopefully Tom will be able to give us a little bit of insight into what it was like making the movie.

The film focuses on a guy named Bryan Flanagan (TC), a young guy who gets out of the¬†army and wants to make his imprint on the world and “earn his million.” While he struggles to find a job at first he comes upon a job as a bartender, where an older man takes him under his wing and shows him the tricks of the trade.

I’m not really sure what the point of this movie is. It seems like it wants bartending to be recognized as a sport. Its almost like the bartenders in this movie think they’re a front man for an 80s hair metal band. I bet so many douchebags got jobs as bartenders after this movie came out and got fired for throwing all the bottle around and smashing them. It makes the job look infinitely more glamorous than it is. I’ve literally never see a bartender act like Tom Cruise and Bryan Brown do in this movie. As you should guess, a movie about bartending has pretty limited plot, but the whole cast is pretty on point. The soundtrack is too. Kokomo is a masterpiece and if you don’t like it fuck you.

Then, right in the middle of the movie the production crew seemed like they decided “fuck it lets go to Jamaica for no reason” and then they spend half an hour Jamaica. When Tom Cruise meets Elizabeth Shue, who is so fucking sexy in this movie. I would probably still bang her now just because of hot she is in this movie. She even looks alright now even though she must be nearing 60.

TC is kind of a dick for most of this, but you can’t really hate him because c’mon. He’s Tom Cruise. You can also tell where this is one the first movies where they are making him look way taller than he is.

This movie won the Razzie for worst picture. I still think its awesome. Will totally watch this again. I actually think I like it more than Top Gun.

Do you enjoy Cocktail? What is your 80s guilty pleasure movie?