Villain’s Expanded List of the Worst People on Earth

  1. Adults (usually women) who still make a big deal about their birthday every year. Grow up.
  2. People who feel the need to bash every stupid trend, therefore giving it more attention than it needs. Ex: the tide pod thing. Complaining about it only makes more people aware of it and more likely to try it. The people who complain about anti-vaxxers make the problem look way bigger than it actually is. If people would just shut up about it and stop calling a small minority of people idiots the whole thing would be forgotten by now.
  3. People who text the whole time their friends are hanging out with them. Sure, sometimes you need to use it, but at least be friendly to the people that are right in front of you.
  4. Old women with gray hair who dye their hair pink. That’s what 10 year old girls and edgy teenage boys do.
  5. Anyone who uses the phrase “I’m not crying, you’re crying”
  6. Contrarians who criticize everything in politics. It doesn’t matter if its right or left, they hate it.
  7. People who buy scratch tickets and then start scratching them at the cash registers while people are waiting in line behind them.
  8. People who treat people in the service industry like shit just because they can.
  9. Over keen co-workers who let the smallest amounts of power go to their head. If you’re a supervisor at a grocery store, you’re probably still a fucking loser and you’re probably only making a dollar more an hour than the people you’re bossing around.
  10. Anyone who cries every time they get drunk.

Who are the people who are pissing you off lately TGO?