Leaving Neverland

I don’t know why I’m talking about this, because you can find dozens of pieces on this documentary all over the internet, but when I finished watching the first part (I’ll probably check out the second tonight) it I was so fascinated by it that I felt like I had to talk about it. Leaving Neverland is a documentary miniseries/film that was causing a lot of controversy before the first part ever aired. The documentary contains two interviews with two kids who have said they were sexually abused by Michael Jackson at the height of his fame in the late 80s and early 90s. One kid met MJ while doing a Pepsi commercial with them (CONFIRMED: ANYONE WHO DID A SODA COMMERCIAL IN THE 1980s IS GUILTY OF SEXUAL MISCONDUCT) and the other used to come up on stage and dance with MJ during his concerts for his tour behind Bad.

Michael Jackson’s family and friends are quick to dismiss the documentary and McCauley Culkin and Corey Feldman, who both spent time with MJ as kids both deny any sort of misconduct during their friendship with Michael. Others have criticized it because MJ has been dead for almost 10 years and revealing information at this point seemed cheap now that Jackson is unable to defend himself. Regardless of whether MJ touched anyone or not his relationships with kids were certainly odd and its probably because he had some psychological issues due to his fame at an early age. People have described him as having the mind of a child.

Both kids (both are now in their 30s) have described what MJ did to them in detail in the first part and if its true its definitely pretty disturbing and it also shows that he was a master manipulator. He would be sleeping with these kids while their parents were sleeping in another room of the Neverland ranch. Still, he was so charming with the parents that none of them suspected anything. I’m sure they were happy to spend time with him because he was such a superstar that they were blinded to some of the other things he was doing. I’m sure I’d feel special if a celebrity like that considered me to be a close friend.

I still have another 2 hours of this doc to watch, but I’m relatively convinced this is true. Unless there is some evidence that is withheld, which is a possibility. Lot of films like this end up being incredibly biased. Its hard not to think that the man is probably guilty of some sort of misconduct considering their were already 2 pretty high profile scandals that involved him prior to his death. It was said today that the premiere of the show was a massive hit for them and I’m sure it’ll get more attention as people become aware of it.

Leaving Neverland is definitely a big topic of discussion for this week and if any of you happened to watch it I’d love to hear what you thought of it. Do you think Michael Jackson committed some sexual acts with children?