Menstrual Blood Face Mask?

This woman enjoys smearing her menstrual blood all over her face. Demetra Nyx, a 26 year old sex coach is all about woman empowerment. She also likes taking lots of naked pics of herself on Instagram. While she believes that blood is actually great for her skin and makes an awesome face mask that isn’t why she started posting pics of herself with her menstrual blood all over her face.

“If I take something many people find disgusting and I touch it and play with it and smear it all over my face,” Nyx said in her piece,  ” then maybe some little girl, somewhere, will see the blood between her legs and think, ‘Well if Demetra puts it on her face, maybe this isn’t that gross after all.’”


There you go it is all about fighting those stigmas.


What stigma would you be willing to smear on your face and body?