New Black Keys Song

Its been a pretty slow few years for The Black Keys. Its been a 5 year gap since their last album Turn Blue in 2014. The garage rock band brokeout after nearly a decade together with Brothers in 2010 and then had a few years of success, but there has been a bit of a hiatus period over the last five years. During that time they worked on projects separately, but now they’re back with a new song called Lo/Hi.

I’ve only listened to this song once, but I think I dig it. I’m not the biggest Black Keys fan in the world. I’ve only ever listened to their 5 latest albums. I know some people prefer their early work, but I’ve never listened to any of it. I didn’t care for Turn Blue, but I enjoyed Attack and Release, Brothers and El Camino quite a bit.

Are you a Black Keys fan? What do you think of this new track?