Disney+ Will Include Disney’s Whole Back Catalogue

More details of what will be included on the Disney+ service have been coming over the last few days. CEO Bob Iger told the share holders that not only will Disney+ service include original movies, but also their whole catalogue of films over the course of their history. I was hoping for this, because there are plenty of classic Disney films out there that are hard to find on streaming. Its usually only their recent titles that are on Netflix.

Prior to this Disney was known for using the “Disney Vault” method when releasing their films. They only release their animated classic films for a limited time and then they’re released again. The model seems to have worked for them in the past because it may have motivated people to buy movies they’ve already owned or give them more immediate profit since people are aware you can get this movie any time you want it.

Personally I’m interested to check out some of the old Disney live action movies from the 1960s and 70s. Kurt Russell was featured in those movies as a child star, and those films are hard to find now.

There has been some question about whether the old Disney film Song of the South will be included or not. Disney dismissed the 1950s film in the past for being racist, but I’d like to see if it’ll be available on this service or not. My guess is no, but if it is I’ll definitely be checking it out just to see how racist it is.