Jan-Michael Vincent Has Died

Jan Michael Vincent, probably most famous for his lead role in the 1980s TV series Airwolf has passed away at 74. Vincent’s death was actually nearly a month ago on February 10th, but the word has only got out about his passing now. The cause of his death was said to be a cardiac arrest.

Vincent hasn’t had an acting credit since 2002. He was one of those actors that seemed at times like he was going to be the next big thing but it never really ever happened. It could have been because of his struggles with addictions over his life and he was arrested several times. He appeared with Burt Reynolds in Hooper and had a few lead roles in the 70s and 80s like Big Wednesday and Defiance that never really caught on and made him a star. He’s probably most famous now for a gag on an episode of Rick and Morty.

Vincent told the National Inquirer in 2014 that he had nearly died and had to get an leg amputated in 2012.