What is Your Best Party Trick?

I like to think of myself as a guy who is pretty good at parties. If I have a few drinks I get loosened up a bit and as long as I know the people I’m with reasonably well I tend to have a damn good time.

Normally, I just get through most parties telling jokes. Being funny is pretty exhausting sometimes, and now just because I was the funny guy at one party I’m the funny guy for life now. I used to do a lot of things at parties that would only result in me feeling embarrassed the next day. I eventually got past the need to show off all the time. Although every now and then I get to show off my best party trick. Pressure points.

Yeah, I’m one of those dicks that knows 4-5 different points on your body that hurt like a bastard if you use the right technique. I took corrections in college so I learned quite a few. My favorite one is in the nose, and it sure does hurt, I’ve had it done to me too.

What do you do at parties to show off?