Who is the Most X Rated Person in History?

Over the course of the existence of humanity there is a wide range of people who did a lot of remarkably terrible stuff. Some of them are more modern people, and some have been dead for hundreds of years. Who do you think is the human being who has done the most disgusting stuff in history? Who is the NSFW person ever?

My choice would be Vlad the Impaler. This guy was Bram Strokers inspiration for Dracula because he was such a terrible person. I think the Gary Oldman version of Dracula from the Francis Ford Coppala movie resembles Vlad a little bit. He was the prince of Wallachia (a region of Romania) and was notorious for his cruelty. His “impaling” technique was used on his enemies by essentially shoving a spike in their asshole and then hoisting the spike up vertically so they could suffer for days while they probably were impaled further and further by the spike. In most circumstances it would take days before they died.

If you ask me that’s pretty fucked up. There is probably not a single person on Earth who is terrible enough to die that way.

Who do you think is the person who did the most disgusting stuff over the course of their lifetime?