I work for several building contractors. One of the contractors pays me by the job, he bids on the project, then we come to a fair agreement for what I should get paid. I’m a conservative, so when I use the term ‘fair’, I mean fair. I take into account that he’s the one dealing with insurance, dealing with the homeowner’s, dealing with the building supplies and dealing with all the risks. If I made just as much money as him, then that would be socialism, which I’m highly against. What’s the point of owning your own business and taking all the risk if you’re making the same amount of money as your employees?

Moving on to raising minimum wage.

Another contractor I work for pays me by the hr, 15 bucks an hr to be exact. Liberals want the minimum wage to be 15$ an hour? What the serious fuck?!?! Sixteen year old Bags-boys standing in a Walmart that blast cold A.C on them all day will be making what I make (when I’m working hourly). Yeah, they deserve it, derp…

Do liberals have absolutely no idea how money works?

If minimum wage goes up to 15 bucks an hr, then everything you buy (gas, food, Etc) goes up in price. So you are literally back where you began with money (except now the American dollar is worth less around the world). That bag of chips you use to buy for a 1.50 is now 3.50, but hey, you’re making 15 bucks an hour so you can afford it.

Now this is where liberals get really scary.

Liberals want the government to control the private sector and how much a business man/woman can sell their own product for. If a business is forced to pay a thousand people 15 dollars an hr but can’t crank-up the price of their own product, then a lot of people will be fired because the business can’t afford it. Then you have more people living off the government and putting the country into more debt (sorry liberals, money doesn’t grow on trees).

If a business doesn’t obey the laws of our government, then our USA government (by law) can shutdown the business by force with guns and a lot of prison time (sounds like a dictatorship, oh wait, it is).

Telling a business owner how much they are worth is incredibly dangerous. No time in human history has it ever ended well (besides people with common sense fighting back and becoming heroes).

Liberals have no common sense. It’s sad that I have to explain all this to certain friends and family members in my life.

Maybe liberals actually like the ways Hitler and Stalin dictated their countries, if so, then keep on truckin on.