What is the Shittiest Thing a Friend Has Done to You?

I have a decent amount of friends, but true “good friends” that are easy to trust are hard to find. I tend to have a lot of faith in humanity, but getting burned by a friend can really cut deep. Fortunately enough that hasn’t happened to me very often so I don’t have a very good example to provide, but I wanted to see what you guys say. What is the worse thing that someone you considered to be a friend did to you?

My answer is pretty typical. I got dumped by a girl in favor of one of my friends a few years ago. I’m long over it now, and if I do still hold any bitter feelings its more towards the girl who broke up with me and not the guy she hooked up with after me. I feel even less bad about it now that they’re getting married, because it sort of looks like they were right for each other all along.

Still, at the time it fucked me up for a while. Fortunately enough its been about 5-6 years now so its not such a big deal anymore. At times I still hang out with the guy.

What is the worst thing one of your friends has done to you?