What Words Do You Mispronounce?

Every country has it’s own language. And each region of that country has their own dialect.

The US is quite dramatic in this fashion. You have the slow, retard cadence of the southerner. The slow, baked speech of the west coast dwellers. And the sharp and nasally sounds of the north east. I’m sure the differences are there with other countries, but I’m American. I only pay attention to my country.

In my corner of the world, like most other places, there are a few words that the citizens have changed the way they are spoken. Take the word milk, for example. In western New York it’s pronounced melk. Not an I. It’s an E.

EXAMPLE- I want some melk for my cereal.

Another word we’ve customized is cousin. We add a T to the end. Cousint.

EXAMPLE- I want to fuck my cousint. Again.

A third one is the word wash. We’ve added a R in the middle. It becomes warsh. I think this started because of our proximity to Pennsylvania. The southern Tard is strong and creeps up pretty far north.

So, now I’ll combine all three words into one fantastic Northern sentence

My cousint needs to warsh her pussy. It smells like spoiled melk.

How do you bastardize the English language?