I use to have it in my head that when the sun died, humans on earth would die.

The sun has around 10 billion more years left under its hood. In only One & a half billion years from now, human life won’t be sustainable on earth (1 1/2 billion years isn’t that long, I assure you it’s just the blink of an eye).

One & a half billion years from now our oceans will literally be boiling from the sun. Our atmosphere will collapse and life on earth will be no more.

At the rate Human technology is advancing, there is no doubt in my simple mind that we will be living on other planets.

By the time the sun has expanded to earth, humans will be living on Jupiter’s and Saturn’s moons. These ice cold rocks will now be tropical because of the sun’s growth.

But those moons only give us several 100 million years of a home before the sun destroys them too.

At the end of the sun’s lifespan, it will have engulfed our entire solar system (a red giant). We will be solar system jumping by this point, looking for new homes across the Milky way galaxy.

Naturally we will look for suns like the one earth had. But bright suns like the one we use to know only live about 12 billion years.

After all the Bright Suns die in the milky way galaxy, we will live on planets next to Red Dwarf stars. Red Dwarfs have a life span of 15 trillion years.

Trillions of years from now the human won’t be what it is today. I believe the human will be more like a ball of energy, a bright light of information. But this intelligents will still have the essence of the human that came from earth. This being that descended from us will still be obsessed with survival and longevity, will still be curious to what lies beyond The Great Unknown.

Regardless of what we look like, what we are or how advanced we are trillions of years from now, we will still need a source of energy. The Red Dwarfs will too die one day.

The universe at this point will virtually have no light left.

The last source of energy in the universe will be Black Holes. We will live just close enough to these gravity wells so we’re not sucked in. Massive constructs we’ve engineered will reach out to the Black Holes, then we will reel them back causing friction (friction causes energy).

The Black Holes will disintegrate.

Quadrillions of years from now we will have no source of energy left. What was once human turned into a bright light of Peace and Intellectual/intelligent perfection will be no more. I don’t think this Perfection will be sad in it’s last moments of life, it will simply just be as it watches the universe implode on itself.

The Big Bang happens again, life starts over.




I’ve always had a feeling wrap around me like a warm blanket that I’ve done this all before. One of my earliest memories is waking up in bed with the sunlight hitting my face through my window in Knoxville TN. That 2 year old boy laying in bed sees the past, present and future, he sees the history of the universe in the blink of a fleeting second. I’ve been trying to hold on to that feeling ever since, but there are only flickers of it now. I’ll have that clear vision again one day, but not for another internity.