America is the most diverse place on the planet. America has 50 states, each state with it own unique culture, history and ideology (in some cases).

Probably the most brilliant idea our Founding Fathers came up with was The ELECTORAL COLLEGE.

People are always curious, how in the world did Nazi Germany happen? How could such evil happen, and not just by a few people, but by an entire country?

The answer is simple…

Propaganda and the hive-mind of the masses living in a single proximity. When there is a group of people that are always around each other, they usually have the same beliefs because there is no outside influence or varying opinions. People usually have their parent’s political opinions, or people they look up to opinions. These are all people that you live around (hence, proximity location, which state you live in). If you visited an indigenous tribe in the Amazon, do you think there would be a random tribesmen that dressed like a cowboy and read Stephen King novels all day while eating Twinkies? No, there wouldn’t be. More less, every person in that tribe would dress the same, act the same and have the same opinions on life.

California has around 39 million people, and California is extremely liberal.

Liberals think that an American state SHOULDN’T have it’s own opinion, but should have popular opinion as one whole country, like our states don’t exist. Popular opinion throughout history has always been the most ignorant, narrow-minded and dangerous opinion. The world is flat, that use to be popular opinion, technology would never advance past the 18th century, that used to be popular opinion. Jews where dangerous and should be desecrated, that was popular opinion in 1933-1945 Germany… is this starting to make sense?

Virginia has around 8 million people, and Virginia’s culture and history is vastly different from California’s. So why should California’s opinion be more important than Virginia’s? It shouldn’t.

This is why the electoral college is brilliant. It gives every state in America it’s own identity. Without identity you have the rise of totalitarian countries, just like Nazi Germany.

If you vote liberal, I beg you to start reading world history books and start looking into what ‘modern, liberal American values’ actually are. You might be surprised that you are not liberal, you’ve just been taking the people’s word-for-it who you live around.