Why I’m Going Liberal

It’s no secret I’ve been sucking a lot of left-wing cock and balls lately. I’m a closet blow-job artist for a lot of the major socialist players in Whiskey Potato.

My mother always said “do what you’re good at”. Well I just reach down into those trotskyite trousers, grab that pecker like its a life-preserver, and just gnaw down on that angry, purple-headed fucker until it damn-near blows the back of my throat out with the protein explosion.

I’m nailing my colours to the liberal mast because I think I can get a lot more dick action if I’m a card-carrying, professionally offended, virtue-signaller.

My goal for 2019 is to suck off a guy so hard his rectum prolapses upon orgasm, and he shits his digestive tract out all over the floor.

Then I eat it. With Mariachi music playing quietly in the background.