Happy Sunday TheGreatOutdoorsMan

Uncle bob with the lights on.

Here’s to another happy Sunday. I feel like I can honestly say follks that read the GreatOutdo-orsMan have truly happy tendencies. When I started reading this wonderful publication I had no idea how truly happy you all are. To my amazement I was soon shown the wonders of gay Sunday, and it’s no wonder why you are all so fervent in your celebrations. The world I live in is lackluster, but somehow you here all shine with the bright eager eyes of the truly happy. 

“Do you really think
She’ll pull through
Do you really think
She’ll pull through
Do ooh ooh ooh
Girlfriend in a coma, I know
I know, it’s serious”

-some outwardly happy person-

    Nothing says I’m happy like fecal and of course fashion. I thought that today would be the best day of the week to get everyone here at the GreatOutdoorsMan out of the closet into their best fecal. Don’t worry if you are fresh out of fashion after a long gay Sunday there’s always a bit of fecal for everyone to wear. 

    So here’s the 2019 special spring fecal show for you all to enjoy and I’m hoping that you will find a special piece of fecal to take home for that special someone or perhaps some to put on yourself on those special evenings alone you are someone special time. 

Insert video of dead things walking.

Gotta get some fecal on you!

So wha’dya say there happy campers? Do you wanna wear some fecal?