Are you prepared for the Fourth Reich of hamster?

I need to watch what I say here. There’s a lot of interested parties that would like to shut Uilick McGee up via a heart attack or a late-night car accident. From here on in we tread carefully, and speak only in riddles…

It’s no secret that the disastrous conclusion of World War II forced the remaining enclaves of the Nazi party to scatter throughout the globe into various regions.

From the depths of the South American jungle, to the New Swabian bases of The Arctic, these numerous factions set out to continue the scientific experimental works of the Third Reich, and prepare themselves for the inevitable resurgence to power.

This new claim to the throne would entail a whole new arsenal of weapons in order to achieve total global domination.

These weapons would include:

1. Genetic Engineering / Manipulation

2. Civil & Political Discord

3. Alien Technology

There’s no secret playbook to overthrowing a global Nazi conspiracy. We need fresh thinking, new ideas, unconventional approaches.

Get your shit together, boys and girls. Fucking Nazi’s are on the horizon, and we’re going in dry.