Star Wars Resistance Season 1 Has Ended

Last night was the final episode of Star Wars: Resistance for the first season. To be honest, I’m sort of glad that its done for the year because I don’t watch a lot of 20 episode seasons on TV anymore. So in the end this season felt like a little bit of work.

Some of this is probably going to sound like I’m hating on this show, but I’d like to say that I don’t really hate it. I’m just acknowledging that its not for me.

When the show started it really took its time. Kaz is our main character and in a lot of ways he’s just Ezra again, although I’d admit he’s not as interesting. Kaz’s clumsiness did get a bit tiresome over the course of the show, but by the end of the season we did get to see him show some signs of heroism in true Star Wars fashion.

Resistance takes place right before the start of the conflict in The Force Awakens, with the finale sort of tying into the movies in ways that I will not spoil. The First Order sort of seep into the story quite slowly. I feel like the jist of this story could’ve been told in 10 episodes since it seemed like there was a lot of filler.

Even when compared to Rebels or The Clone Wars the show just doesn’t really seem to have the characters that I like. Rebels was a pretty kid friendly show too, but by the end of the first season I was pretty happy with them. It seems that a lot of the best shows in the season have Poe in them, but there’s only a handful of times where that happens. Phasma makes small appearances too.

The end of the season does still have me a bit interested now, because with The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi so close together Resistance could be used to set up Episode IX a bit since it is likely to debut a month or two before the movie does.

In the end, if your kids aren’t watching this show then I can’t say I can really recommend it. I’m more watching it because I’m a completionist and I feel obligated to pay attention to the show because its Star Wars, but there really hasn’t been any juicy stories so far.

Have you watched any of Star Wars Resistance? Or do watch adult shows because you’re an adult?