Are You Ready For The Return Of The Bolsheviks?

The late 1980’s were a turbulent time in Russia. They were not only embroiled in World War 1, the country was also in a political struggle at home. There was a division of power in the government and socialist revolutionaries were trying to seize total power from the autocratic upper class.

From this group of farmers and workers rose a group to lead this charge. They were called The Bolsheviks

Nikolai Volkoff and Boris Zhukov. These two men would carry the ideals of a Soviet Union. A nation of the common people of Russia. Not just catering to the wealthy. But providing for everyone equally, and ushering in the age of communism.

The two men were able to gain control of the government after a worker led militia was successful in fighting off the military. These freedom fighters were known as The Red Guard. The Bolsheviks would remain in power for several years. Until they met their demise at the hands of war mongers, The Canadians.

One night The Bolsheviks were minding their own business, singing the Russian National Anthem, when they were attacked from behind. The unsuspecting Russians were brutally beaten by The Canadians. Boris Zhukov suffered a fatal Hart Attack

With the Canadians in control of Russia, the remaining Bolsheviks were forced to hide out on the Independent Circuit. Nikolai Volkoff is said to be planning his big comeback, to rise once again and seize control of Mother Russia!

Will you join him in the revolution?

You can finalize your plans with him this weekend at The Convention Center where he’ll be signing autographs for $25.