The Disney/Fox Deal Is Closing

By 12:01 tomorrow morning Disney and Fox will have merged. I’ve gone on and on about this topic for probably a year now, and it looks like it is finally becoming a reality. We could be in for some big changes in the next coming months now that so many huge Fox assets now belong to Disney.

Most Marvel fans are happy that this deal will likely bring the many X-Men characters back home to Marvel after 20 years of movies under Fox, unfortunately the deal is supposedly bringing an end to $4000 jobs. For as hyped as I was at the time this deal was being reported I’ve sort of lost it. I really hope that this merger won’t limit the amount of risks in the movie business even more.

Anyway. Change is coming. I’m sure we’ll be learning a lot more soon.

Ryan Reynolds, the actor who plays Deadpool has posted this Tweet.