Rumor: B&W Films Set Before Saga, Filming in the Fall

Its been hinted at for a while now that the Benioff and Weiss movies are probably the Star Wars films we’re going to get first. Even though Rian Johnson’s films were announced first it looks like Benioff and Weiss are going to begin work on their movies before Johnson, and now SWNN thanks to a source inside Lucasfilm is climbing closer to making that a fact.

So, according to SWNN, this source has been working for Lucasfilm ever since the Disney purchase and has been involved in every film released since then. Here is what he had to say.

Our source told us they were:

“…approached about working on the next movie this Autumn. It is not the Rian Johnson trilogy, it is the Game of Thrones guys’ first movie, and it is set during the Old Republic, as Disney wants to open up the Star Wars timeline and appeal to a more ‘Game of Thrones‘ style audience. So the timeline is hundreds of years prior to the Skywalkers, so think almost Star Wars meets Lord of the Rings. Filming starts in the Fall and art departments are in design phases now as the script is being finalized. That is all I know but I am 95% confident that this is accurate.”

So, if this story is set to be believed its likely that this series is set during the Old Republic times, which was never really a shock since the creators always seemed more suited for this era thanks to their Game of Thrones background. Personally I think setting a film in that era is a little risky since so many people have a history with the Knights of the Old Republic game and if it isn’t a direct adaptation of the game it could cause some issues with fans. That said, there have been plenty of people who have been asking for films set it this era for a while. I’d expect this news to eventually be confirmed, and its very possible that its in the next month or so.

Do you think Benioff and Weiss will be doing a trilogy in the Old Republic?