It’s extremely easy to start a Disqus account. Why are all you liberals against commenting on ? You might actually have people defend your opinions if I wasn’t the only one viewing them.


Now let’s analyze your email.

Here we go again, a liberal wants me off this website because they don’t like what I have to say.

Hate against freedom of speech, CHECK!


Yes, I do like Trump. I’m for Legal immigration, border security, the second amendment, big business staying in America, the private sector staying private and freedom of speech. I could literally wright a book on why I like Trumps policies


You say that some people don’t have a privileged life. No shit, that’s why you work your ass off and don’t have a million kids that you can’t afford like a complete moron. It’s called THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS. Not the Pursuit of Entitlement.

Your life decisions are not my problem.