Prontoon broat rebroot

Hey TGO, I have been wanting a prontoon broat for ages and finally broke down and bought an older project one and split ownership and costs with a longtime fishing bro. It is an old 80’s model. 19 feet overall with a 16 foot deck and an older Johnson (love it) 40 hp outboard in great running shape. Ordinary fishing broats are great and its no problem getting close time with other straight fishermen on one but when the time comes to let everyone on the water know just how straight your crew is nothing beats the dreck sprace of a prontoon broat for heavy gay sex from which each crewman can easily walk away from unimpressed letting everyone around see that the crew is completely and without question, totally straight.

First off we stripped of the rails and tore out all the shitty old carpet. As you can see, plenty of deck space. This bad boy can hold a lot of very straight men.


Instead of carpet we put down some non slip rubberized outdoor flooring material. It’s important to have really good traction for thrusting if you plan to seriously impress other outdoors types about just how straight you really are.


We put some pedestal type comfy fishing chairs on next. The chair posts sit in flat bases on the deck and are removable so the deck can be cleared in a heartbeat so that masculinity can be displayed and proven beyond the shadow of a doubt within moments.


We moved the rails out to the front. They used to be set about three and a half feet back from the front but to get that coveted deck space we went to just half a foot from the front to still be able to step out if needed. There will soon be a trolling motor mounted in the front that will be placed in the center walk through area.


She still has a long way to go. “She” is an old naval term. It does not imply in any way whatsoever that any of the male crew members are effeminate homosexuals. All are proven straight. manly fishermen who in no way have any problem walking away from group male sex with any question whatsoever of their sexual orientation.

The rebroot is still in progress and I will follow up with the other cool stuff we plan to do.

Peace out TGO.