Apple Launching Their Own Streaming Platform

Streaming services are all the rage now. At this point we are getting to the point where having all these services is going to cost you more than a cable subscription. It just sort of looks like we are getting to the point where everything is going back to the way it was. Soon, one company will offer all these services at a discounted price and we’ll be back to cable TV again essentially.

So now Apple is boasting up their own service AppleTV +. They showed off some of the programing they have scheduled including an appearance from Steven Spielberg, which sort of surprised me after he’s been shitting on Netflix for the past few weeks and here he is producing projects for another streaming platform. JJ Abrams made an appearance at this session and so did Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon and Steve Carell, who will all appear on a show for the service.

I am not a Apple loyalist. I do own an Apple TV, but I sort of get a bit disgusted with them. You know this service will cost a fortune a people will eat it up because its Apple.

Apple TV+ is kicking off in the fall. Unless there is some awesome project set for this service I’m probably not going to fuck with it. Everybody wants a piece of the Netflix pie at this point.

Heres a promo for the platform that gives some looks at the shows that will available.