Tomb Raider + Witchblade

Revisiting the comic series I loved in the 90s.

The friendship of Laura Croft + Sara Pezzini is a beautiful thing.

Tomb Raider is more well known of the two: a wealthy badass archaeologist.

The Witchblade– a supernatural sentient gauntlet whose host is Sara Pezzini: a NYPD homicide detective.

The story crossover is seamless. It doesn’t feel forced which often happens in a crossover.

Laura Croft fans are accustomed to the supernatural occurrences following her adventures ..and typically working alone. Partnering Croft with Pezzini showcases a very different yet still badass side of the two.

If a fan of Tomb Raider or Witchblade it’s a series worth a closer look.
Michael Turner is an amazing artist (and co creator of Witchblade).