Would You Go to a Rap Concert?

Lately I’ve noticed something. A lot of the time when a rapper performs live at an event they are just rapping to a backing track, without even having the vocals from the studio version removed. So they are basically just rapping over the studio version of the song. I couldn’t believe how terrible it sounds. I know its been going on for years now, but why doesn’t anyone say anything? Does no one actually care about a rapper using a live band anymore?

I have noticed that there are some rappers that use a live band. I can understand why many do use a backtrack, its obviously going to cost way less than a DJ or band, but man it just doesn’t sound good.

I’m not a big rap fan, but I don’t hate it either. I just can’t believe how little effort they put into the music side of things at a concert.

I know rock bands use backing tracks too, but most of them do a better job of hiding it so no one notices.

Did you notice that rappers don’t use bands anymore? Would you ever go to a concert for a rapper who uses a backing track?