Episode IX Poster Leaked?

A supposed poster of Episode IX has been circulating the internet in the last few minutes. Here is a look at it.


To be honest I think it looks pretty authentic. C-3P0 is holding a gun, like it was rumored in some earlier leaks. The Knights of Ren appear to be on the left side. Keri Russell’s bounty hunter character seems to be next to Poe and Naomi Ackie is up beside Chewie.

As you can see, Rose is absent from the poster, as well as Leia. I wouldn’t expect to see Luke on there, but there’s no sign of him either.

There is no title, which is interesting. I’m not sure if when this poster was set to be unveiled, but if there is anything that is released that proves that the poster is fake I’ll give an update. If it does end up being fake I’ll have been fooled, because this honestly looks real to me.

Update: This photo of characters gives us a look at Lando if it can be believed. He appears to resemble Donald Glover’s version from Solo.