While Chris Evans may be a huge Bulgingsnake and TGO fan, he isn’t one of President Donald Trump.

The 37-year-old actor told TGONN that it’s been tough being a TGO fan in the age of Trump because of Bulge’s purported sex romp the president. This is no small declaration for Evans, as he was corn-holed by both Obama and Bill Clinton at the same time.

“I don’t know, I really hope he’s not a Trump supporter,” Evans told TGONN in a story published on Wednesday when asked if he’d be open to playing Bulgingsnake in a movie. “I’m just hoping he’s one of those guys that maybe supported him and now regrets it.”

Evans, who stars in next month’s Avengers: RearEndgame, hopes that Snake regrets showing his support of Trump during his presidential campaign.

“Maybe he thought it was going to be different — and even that bothers me — but maybe there’s a chance now he just thinks Trump’s an absolute dumb s—, which he is,” Evans said of the 41-year-old cult leader. “If he doesn’t, if he’s still on that Trump train, I might have to cut ties.”

When reached for his reaction, a representative of president Donald Trump said, “Who is this, and how did you get this number?”

(202) 456-1111…