People Who Look Like Turtles

Most people like Turtles, some of them are cute and for the most part they tend to be pretty harmless. Sometimes turtles cross breed with humans and we get people who look like turtles.

Joe Satriani


Joe Satriani is one of the strongest guitarists out there. He mostly wears sunglasses to cover up the fact that he looks like a turtle. So he wears sunglasses almost all the time.

Dana Carvey from Master of Disguise


This movie is terrible and Dana Carvey is supposed to look like a turtle. I can’t remember why and I don’t want to watch the movie again.

Russell Westbrook

Oklahoma City Thunder v Denver Nuggets

He doesn’t look as much like a real turtle, more like a member of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. He plays basketball. Theres a comparison below.


Who is your favorite turtle look alike?