Amazing News! Bono Discovers The Cure For AIDS!

Will the wonders ever cease with Bono? Just hours after being run down by a drunk driver, Bono has made a major announcement; he discovered the cure for AIDS, his own mouth

Bono made this miraculous discovery while attending a party in Los Angeles. Bono met Magic Johnson in a back room and struck up a conversation

So they call you Magic Johnson, huh? They call me Magic Mouth”

Bono offered to suck the AIDS out of Magic’s dick.

And to everyone’s surprise it worked. Magic Johnson was instantly cured of AIDS by Bono’s mouth.

Just to be sure it wasn’t a one time thing Bono asked if there was anyone else with AIDS he could try to cure. Sure enough he found someone else who would let him try his Magic Mouth

Once again it worked. Elton John was cured of AIDS when Bono sucked it out of his dick.

Bono was so excited he ran around telling everyone he cured two people of AIDS

Bono then figured he should let the world know about his amazing talent. So he called the top notch journalists at TGONN and gave them the scoop

Are you amazed that Bono has the ability to cure AIDS by sucking it out of a man’s penis?