Mark Hamill is the New Voice of Chucky

Whether you like it or not we’ve got a Child’s Play reboot on the way. We’ve already gotten a trailer that kept the murderous doll Chucky pretty much sheltered. For some reason we never heard who would provide the voice of Chucky. I figured it’d be Brad Dourif, the guy who has voiced Chucky from the start. Turns out its going to be Mark Hamill.

If they are going to change the voice of Chucky I’d say Hamill is damn fine choice of a replacement. He’s a very experienced voice actor and he’s provided some voices to some wild villains, including the Joker.

So, you can add another iconic character to Mark Hamill’s resume. His casting makes me more interested than I was in Child’s Play.

Is Mark Hamill a suitable choice for the voice of Chucky?