Mindless Self Indulgence

MSI is a band that says/does whatever they want. All the time. I have been a fan since I was 14. LIFE CHANGING. The feature gif is one of the few pieces of clothing I keep for sentimental reasons.

Their lyrical content involves massive drug use, sexual deviancy, and the fact that Led Zeppelin isn’t that fucking great.

Jimmy Urine is over the top. His behavior is repulsive at best as he is a master at holding up a large shiny mirror to the worst aspects of humanity.

MSI was always cool because they seriously gave zero shits about being “cool” or even being a “good” band.

I would liken it to TGO ..underground too extreme to ever be accepted into mainstream besides any censoring would make it unrecognizable.. but with fiercely loyal fans who need it.

MSI is known for putting on the best shows and always staying after to take pics/sign autographs w fans.

They give back, they are authentic and I highly recommend them to anyone who enjoys great music that will make you laugh but also question your obvious moral decay.